Duo Family Session | Family | Fort Wayne, IN

Kelsey and her sister decided they wanted some family portraits done with all there babes. It was pretty cold and the botanical gardens in Fort Wayne, IN is always a good backdrop for winter days! We did Kelsey and her little fam first and had lots of fun trying to get lil man to look at me lol they did awesome though and would take them back in front of my camera anytime! The girls had custom t-shirts made for all the kids and we had to get creative on how to capture them ;) After we did a few big party shots with EVERYONE we moved on to a mini session #2 with Kelsey's older sister and her boys! Everyone did so well, kids can always be a BIG ??? on how they will do but honestly, my response is always the same, "there kids let them be kids" lets capture some fun candid shots of mom and dad interacting with there babes and laughing bc thats how you want to remember this age :)


xoxo, Lindsey

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