Lauren & Josh | Fort Wayne, Indiana Engagement Photography

Alrighty guys brace yourself for this one. Meet Lauren and Josh. I have actually known Lauren growing up and she is just the most absolute sweetest girl I have ever met. When I found out she was engaged I thought to myself I wonder what this guys like, theres no way he could be as nice as Lauren! But guys I was SO wrong, Josh is perfect for her! Hes soft hearted, funny and always had us laughing! It was pretty clear to see why these two made such a great match. We ventured to Matea park in Fort Wayne where we played in some water and then strolled a few greeny trails where these two cuddled up :) A little later we ventured downtown into the busy streets all along these two only seeing each other :)) explored a parking garage, captured some romantic stairway shots and then almost got locked on top of a parking garage HA worth it! All in all it was a great session, with two great people! Hope you all enjoy.


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