Family Photos Turned Surprise Engagement | Van Wert, Ohio Family Photography

Alright y'all prepare yourselves because this family shoot has a BIG surprise! I could not be more excited to capture my oldest and best friend saying YES to the man of her dreams :) We started out doing some family shots out by Ericca Lehman parents pond and then made our way around to the back of the house. We had all the kids out in front of the water (the parents WHO KNEW patiently waiting and watching behind me) and outta no where Austin T Miller and Ericca's dog, Cash, comes running to her! Ericca grabs Cash's collar only to notice a little note attached, that read "Marry Dad" By this time some romantic music started playing from the house, softly drifting into the scene. Ericca turns around to find her man smiling the biggest grin and falls to one knee! As you might of guessed she said YES!! And the tears started (I know i was crying!!) It could not of been more perfect if Ericca planned it herself, surrounded with her family and puppy son Cash as a leading man!! I'm so glad i got to be apart of this moment and i hope you all enjoy not only the proposal pics but the family's portraits as well! It was a great day :) LindseyK

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